Kitten with curved paws was saved from a terrible fate

She blossomed into a beautiful tabby-colored girl.

The little kitten was brought to the veterinary clinic for euthanasia. Then the little cat was only four weeks old. She just wanted to snuggle up to someone big and kind. A caring woman immediately noticed the special kitten and decided to save her from a terrible fate. The fact is that the kitty was born with congenital radiation sickness, because of which her bones in the extremities were incorrectly formed. Animals with this pathology have difficulty using their front paws and it is more difficult for them to maintain balance.

Initiative Cheryl contacted the rescue center in San Francisco. Local experts promised to help find the owners of the unusual kitty.

Then the woman took the kitten from the clinic and took it to the shelter. The half-kilogram cub turned out to be very active. As soon as the baby arrived at a temporary place of residence, she immediately began jumping around new acquaintances and flying into garbage bins like a professional jumper.

Affectionate baby tabby poked his nose into the fingers of her savior and waved her short front paws, trying to grab the human hand.

Joyce and her family learned Kanga’s story. They immediately wanted to take care of the fluffy crumb.

“We saw a video about her and fell in love. Since she was a little girl, it took a few more weeks for her weight to reach 2 pounds. This is necessary for sterilization surgery,” Joyce recalls.

On June 28, 2014, Kanga moved in with foster parents and was warmly welcomed by a local team of cats and dogs. Kanga was jumping merrily again and pleasing others, but only now she was doing it in her first real home!

The baby got on well in the new place, and they became especially close friends with some of the local inhabitants. A cat named Skittles took Kanga under her care and became her adult mentor.

A little violent hug from the older sister.

Kanga Roo is already quite an adult!

She blossomed into a beautiful tabby-colored girl.

When Kanga turned about a year old, the owners noticed that she had the talent of a babysitter. It turned out that her biggest weakness were helpless orphan kittens.

In May 2015, Joyce started bringing kittens home, and Kanga fell in love with her first pupil named Hector with all her heart. From that day on, she became a foster mom for all the rescued babies.

“Kanga Roo is a vigilant defender, always on the alert. The photo shows the moment when Kanga was eating with the children and suddenly heard a noise. She straightened up to see what happened.”

The photo below depicts Kanga and her last receiver, Alelani, who was born with the same genetic deviation.

The little protege copies her every step and quickly absorbs useful skills.

Despite the bent front paws, nothing can force her to lead a sedentary life.

Kanga does not consider herself disabled… After all, she’s just alternatively gifted!

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