The biggest desire of any kitten is a full life

She turned into a cute and cheerful kitten!

Recently, an ordinary pregnant kitty appeared in one of the shelters in California. She gave birth to 4 cute kittens a couple of days later. Three of them were absolutely healthy, but the fourth was born with a defect in the front paws.

This cute creature was called Dove. However, in order to survive, she had to be provided with decent treatment, attention and nutrition. But she could get mom’s attention and nutrition only when her brothers were sleeping.

Dove’s brothers were growing up, running and exploring the world, but she couldn’t do it herself. Her front curved paws were very weak, and therefore the back part could not stay above the ground. Because of this she only had to crawl. But still the kitty wanted to live, she worked very hard on her gait.

Very surprisingly, Dove coped with all the problems, of course, not without the help of her mother. Herbal medicine and massage were not enough.

The slow and short kitty turned into a very cheerful and inquisitive Dove. She won the hearts of all people.

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