Dog was abandoned among the fields: she did not let people near him for more than a year

She restored faith in human kindness!

The pit bull girl was found in the fields. She was afraid to approach people. But one kind person decided to restore the animal’s faith in human kindness.

The first news about the female pit bull, wandering in the vicinity of the town of Dacor, California, appeared on the Internet in April 2019. The dog named Mom was sitting by the roadside during the day waiting for food, and at night she slept under solar panels.

The animal looked very weakened and emaciated. Traces of beatings and domestic violence were visible on the body. Mom wouldn’t let anyone near her and immediately ran away when someone tried to get close to her. She had been wandering around the fields for a year when rescue worker Dani Spanks found out about this sad story. He decided to take care of the dog.

Dani left food for Mom in one place every day, gradually approaching the animal. Soon the dog began to run after Spanks herself, but still did not let him touch her. Later, the rescue service workers found out that the female pit bull was abandoned back in January 2019, 8 kilometers from the last habitat. Employees noticed traces of cruelty of the owners and recent births, but did not find out anything about the owners and about the puppies. Probably, the puppies were sold out, and the dog was simply thrown away when she stopped feeding her cubs.

Only after a year and a half of wandering, Dani was able to take Mom to his home. But there will be a difficult and lengthy adaptation. The dog is still very afraid of people and does not make contact, but she is already beginning to communicate with other animals and is actively gaining weight. Spanks is forced to keep the pet in an aviary to prevent escape.

The female pit bull does not contact people yet, does not give in to training and runs away at every attempt to touch. But Dani is not going to give up. He is ready to continue working with Mom to restore her faith in human kindness, find a new loving family for the dog and make her truly happy.

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