52-year-old Evelina Bledans surprised followers with her toned figure

Looks much younger

A few days ago, Evelina Bledans published a picture in a bathing suit. The actress boasted of her slender figure and appetizing forms. It is worth admitting that the 52-year-old actress looks much younger than her age.

Followers showered her with compliments, writing that she is an excellent woman. Also, many were pleased with the beautiful tan of the celebrity, which was also marked by Evelina’s followers.

In addition to the photos, Bledans also shared a video in which her special child appeared. Unfortunately, the boy has problems with development, which is why the actress has to spend a huge amount of money and effort to make her child live a full life.

By the way, the famous mom does it, because Semyon has a very busy life. Today they are resting in Sochi, enjoying the beautiful weather and the Black Sea coast.

Recently, Evelina and her heir took part in a charity event called “Garden of Memory”. Its goal is to plant 27 million trees, in honor of the 27 million people lost during the Great Patriotic War. The celebrity supported the campaign both last year and this year. This time they planted lilacs.

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