Twilight Director Reflects on Robert Pattinson’s Transformation for Edward Cullen Role, Revealing His Resistance to Hair Extensions

In a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, director Catherine Hardwicke talked about working on the 2008 movie “Twilight” on its 15th anniversary. She mentioned how she had to convince the studio that Robert Pattinson was the right choice for the romantic lead.

Hardwicke recalled her first impression of Pattinson, saying he had black hair that was a bit messy from hanging out at the pub. After Pattinson’s chemistry read with Kristen Stewart, she sent footage to the studio. However, they were initially concerned about his appearance.

The director assured them that they could make Pattinson look good with a makeover, including changes to his hair, eyebrows, and even his teeth. She emphasized that he would start working out and put in effort to look great. Despite their initial doubts, the studio eventually believed in the transformation.

One point of contention was the hairstyle for Edward Cullen. Hardwicke wanted long hair, but Pattinson disagreed. Eventually, they settled on a hairstyle that became iconic for the character.

Hardwicke also explained that casting Pattinson was an easy decision because of his chemistry with Stewart. She had been set on casting Stewart early on, especially after seeing her in “Into the Wild.”

The director highlighted Stewart’s no-nonsense attitude and natural angst as qualities that made her perfect for the role. She mentioned that from the beginning, it was clear that Stewart and Pattinson had a strong connection, particularly in their shared interests in indie music, authors, and films.

In summary, the director had to convince the studio that Robert Pattinson was the right choice for Edward Cullen in “Twilight.” Despite initial concerns about his appearance, a makeover, including changes to his hair and overall look, transformed him into the iconic character. Casting Stewart alongside him was an easy decision due to their strong chemistry and shared interests.

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