Firefighters heard some noise coming for the burning house and managed to save the puppies

All 8 puppies were saved by firefighters

Colleton County firefighters received a call about fire in Jacksonboro, South Carolina, and hurried there. However, they didn’t expect saving a pack of puppies.

There was an ignition of garbage in the yard of a log house, which caused a big fire. The firefighters arrived to put the fire out. During the fire extinguishing process, the firefighters heard some loud whining coming from under the building.

They investigated the building, and found 7 puppies there. Paramedics took the puppies to Fire and Rescue Brigade 6 and began treating them for smoke poisoning.

Our staff warmed them with towels and managed to save all puppies. There was an 8th puppy, that was later resuscitated and treated for smoke poisoning.

The firefighters could extinguish the fire. The log house, however, was completely destroyed.

All puppies were taken to a vet clinic and treated for smoke poisoning. None of them suffered from burns. The owner of the log house confessed, he didn’t even know there were puppies under the building.

Colleton County Animal Services took care of the puppies until they were ready for adoption.

The firefighters were praised for their great job of putting out the fire and saving the puppies.

“Excellent work on stations 2, 6 and 9 yesterday at Campbell Hill Road in Jacksonboro”, the Colleton County Fire and Rescue Service announced on Twitter.

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