“Heartwarming Moment!”: Lost dog reunites with his owner after 2 years

Their reunion made all the witnesses cry with happiness

There are millions of stray dogs on the planet. Some of them are lucky enough to find forever homes, while others suffer on the streets all their lives. The hero of this article is a dog that had to wander the streets for a long time, but his story is a little different.

One day, an animal rescue group found a helpless dog on the streets of Ukraine. The poor animal was in a terrible condition, weak and dirty. The rescuers immediately decided to help. Although the dog had suffered a lot, he did not mind the rescuers approaching him and behaved quite well with them. He was very friendly and sociable, and the rescuers fell in love with the lovely dog.

They took the dog to the shelter the same say. Later, the shelter staff posted his photo on their official page, in hopes of finding a permanent home for him. Very soon a woman contacted the shelter and told that the dog in the photo was actully her lost dog. It turned out, that the dog had been kidnapped 2 years before, and the woman couldn’t find him.

When the woman arrived at the shelter, soemthing beautiful and heartwaring happened. The dog turned out to really be her missing dog! Their reunion excited everyone around! The dog was happy to return to his beloved owner and spend the rest of his life with her.

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