Representatives of this extremely rare species show off their long crests

Look how fascinating this species is!

The Buff Laced Polish is a rare breed of chicken.

Just look at these lovely chicken! How fascinating they are!

These chicken are of European breed. The main feature of their appearance is the rather pronounced crest or, as it is often called, the “top hat”.

The chicken are believed to originate in the Netherlands in the 14th century.

As the crest is too big, it blocks the chicken’s eyesight, therefore, they are easily frightened by small things. In general, however, they are considered calm species.

The feathers of Polish hens are golden-burnished, and their shanks and toes are slate blue. They are one of the most desirable chicken breeds thanks to their flowing feather crests and active carriage.

This species comes in two varieties: bearded and non-bearded.

It is rare for hens to go broody, as they are prolific egg layers. They lay mostly white eggs. Chicken babies are creamy buff in color with dark tan spots above their eyes.

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