This pregnant cat was unable to walk properly, but is already recovering

The strong cat finally was able to get on her feet and walk confidently

There was a pregnant ginger cat in need on the streets of Mansfield, Texas. She couldn’t walk, so she was crawling, trying to find a safe place.

Susan Edstrom is a founder of an animal shelter, and when she found out about the helpless cat, she decided to offer her help. Four Paws One Heart is an animal shelter in Trophy Club, Texas.

She picked the cat and took her to different vet clinics. The cat underwent several tests and X-rays, that helped in determining her health condition. The cat had a strong will to survive.

A pellet was found stuck in the T9 segment of the spine. To prevent further damage, it is usually customary to leave it untouched.

An even greater discovery was the pregnancy of the cat.

Later, the pregnant cat was sent to a foster family. She was named Chelsea. Turned out the cat was quite tough and strong.

Chelsea struggled to use her legs and crawled every day to exercise, while her sitter worked on her hind legs.

The strong cat finally was able to get on her feet and walk confidently.

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