Adam Sandler Pays Heartfelt Tribute to the Late Bob Barker, His ‘Happy Gilmore’ Co-Star

Adam Sandler paid a heartfelt tribute to his dear friend Bob Barker, who sadly left us recently. Bob Barker was renowned for his iconic role as the host of “The Price Is Right” and left an indelible mark with his memorable appearance in Sandler’s film, “Happy Gilmore.”

Sandler, who acted in “Happy Gilmore,” shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, calling Bob Barker “the man” and a funny and sweet person. He fondly remembered their onscreen fight in the movie and said he will be missed by everyone. Sandler thanked Barker for what he brought to their work.

In “Happy Gilmore,” Sandler plays a golfer with a temper, and Barker plays himself. They clash during a golf tournament, leading to a famous fight scene where Barker wins.


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Barker took the role because he wanted to be part of the action and throw punches, even though it was originally written for another game show host, Ed McMahon.

Bob Barker peacefully passed away from natural causes at the age of 99. His girlfriend, Nancy Burnet, expressed her pride in their work to improve animal welfare during their friendship.

Before retiring at the impressive age of 87, Barker hosted “The Price Is Right” for an astonishing 35-year span. This remarkable tenure made the show the longest-running game show in U.S. history, and Barker himself holds the record as the longest-serving game show host.

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