Squirrel immediately made friends with a dog and they became an inseparable duo

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes!

We are used to seeing dogs chasing squirrels, or squirrels teasing dogs. But the relationship between these two is different. They are more like best friends than enemies.

Still a baby, Stewart fell out of a tree and was taken to a rehabilitation center. There the Australian Miniature Shepherd met the squirrel, and on that day their friendship began.

This duo is inseparable.

Dogs with hunting instincts usually chase and hunt squirrels. But this shepherd is different. Her name is Callie. She loves to cuddle with Stewart Scarrick. They are good friends.

They play, eat and even sleep together. These friends are the proof that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Stewart grew up without a mother. He fell out of his tree and never found his mother. Callie’s family found him and decided to accept the little squirrel into their big family.

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