Single mother dressed like a “dad” to surprise her son

A great mother will do anything for her children!

Yvette Vasquez is a single mother from Texas. She usually takes her 12-year-old son Elijah to school. But one morning she noticed there were more cars in the parking lot than usual. When she asked the boy what was going on, Elijah replied that it was “Donuts with Dads” day.

“Donuts with Dads” is a morning meeting at school for children and their fathers. It has its alternative with mothers which is called “Cupcakes with Mothers”.

Yvette didn’t want her son to miss the event just because his dad was missing. So, she came up with a wonderful idea. The woman dressed up as a man and attended the meeting.

“I know it is hard for Elijah to see his classmates with their fathers, but this is life. If there is something I can do to make him happy, I will not hesitate”, wrote Yvette on her Facebook page.

“I thought Elijah would be embarrassed, but he supported my plan. He said: ‘Sounds great! We have 10 minutes before the event starts. Can you manage to change your clothes before that?’ ”

Elijah had a fake mustache at home and he glued that to his mother. Then he gave her a baseball cap and her look was complete.

Teachers and children at school reacted positively to the masquerade.

“We approached the administrator to know where the donuts were. Our appearance caused a stir, children couldn’t stop laughing. Then other dads approached us and told me I was a great mother. They also liked our strange idea”.

Yvette posted their story on Facebook and the post gained 20,000 likes and over 6000 shares. Single mother from all over the world praised Yvette in the comments.

With her story, Yvette wanted to show everyone how the life of the children with one parent is. They go through a lot and need their parents’ support.

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