He came across his cat on the way home: the cat’s reaction is priceless

Cats are such lovely and interesting animals!

Tweeter user @SherlockyTweet posted some hilarious photos of his cat. The man came across his own cat on the sidewalk, when he was driving his car and was quite far from his house. The owner stopped the car in front of the cat and opened the door. Lewis – the cat – was also very surprised by their meeting.

“When you bump into your cat a quarter mile from home”.

The man took Lewis home for breakfast.

The post went viral on the internet. About 66,000 users reposted the post.

“My God! He’s so glad to see you. Just look at his cute and smiling face!”

Some users tried to express what the cat itself was thinking at that moment.
“Oh! It’s funny we met each other here”.
Other users shared similar stories that had happened to them and their pets.
“This is Tommy Pixel. He walks me to the pub and waits for me there for 4 hours. Then we go home together. He’s such a lovely cat”.
Cats usually behave strangely when they meet their owners away from home.
“My cat is just like this! He likes to rode on my car, so I have to drive very slowly”.
In such situations, we might say, cats have their own rules.
“One of my cats used to walk me to my work, and hide in the bushes. My neighbors would usually see me scolding the bushes every time I went home”.
However, it’s important not to confuse your own cat with another one!
“One day I accidentally brought a strange cat into my house. Then he ran away, and only then I noticed my own cat on the stairs”.
Have you ever been in such situations?
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