Bird with sky blue plumage that attracts everyone

They seem to be literally taken from the sky

Birds show the whole beauty of Mother Nature. There are so many unique and beautiful birds surrounding us. It’s hard to chose the prettiest one among them.

One of them is the mountain bluebird. Their sky-blue coloring is so natural, that it seems they were actually taken from the sky.

The most interesting part of their appearance is the blue color of their head, which gradually gets lighter, creating a gradient. This is the male appearance.

Females, in their turn, have grayish color on the head, chest, wings and tail. Both genders have black eyes.

You can’t take your eyes off of them. Some people even consider them the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

This species inhabit the western parts of the USA and Canada. They are not afraid of people and don’t avoid them. Mountain bluebirds are used to mild weather.

They know for sure when spring comes. It’s the time when their breeding season begins. They build their nests in the backyards of ordinary houses.

Have you ever seen a Mountain Bluebird? Do they actually look so wonderful?

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