“Get Ready For Valentine’s Day”: Interesting and original Valentine gifts

Here are some adorable gift ideas for your Valentine!

One of the most special days is ahead of us and everyone is looking for original gift ideas.Interesting Valentine’s gift ideas started going viral after CaffeCrema offered five new flavored lattes for Valentine’s Day. Take your beloved one a cup of coffee instead of flowers, candy and love cards. Tanya Beers, the owner of CaffeCrema explained, that the five lattes are really different. The first two lattes are classical “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me”. But the other three are real challenges – “Bad Romance”, Ugly Break Up” and “Crazy Ex”. These are expressions written on the packages.

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been about sweetness. One tale is that St. Valentine sent a letter to his sweetheart from jail signing it, “Your Valentine.” Others took up this sentiment and turned it into the celebration of endearment.

So, why not look for some interesting and original gift ideas that are not too fancy, not made with lace and suggested verses.

Three merchants from Atlanta have come up with some ideas:

Jana O’Rear offers hand-decorated gift book ideas from her Jana’s Mercantile store

Misty Carter in her Atlanta Flower and Gift shop offers a decorated charcuterie board as a gift

Ted Brabham thought his 1920’s porcelain “Limoges” dresser and vanity set would be a perfect gift from his Camelot Manor store

These gift ideas do not change the gift-giving tradition on Valentine’s Day. Couples had better welcome their beloved ones with interesting and unforgettable gifts. And for merchants it’s the best day to offer their best ideas to the public, something special and sentimental!

Someone might just sign a card “From Your Valentine”, letting their relationship take its course.

If you liked the idea of flavored lattes, then you’d better hurry up and buy one, because after February 14, there will be no more Valentine lattes in stock!

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