These cats became inseparable best friends

Their friendship is just wonderful!

Over and over again animals prove that there are lots of things people should learn from them. Recently, a photo has gone viral on the Internet showing a cat hugging his new friend during a scary thunderstorm.

One of the cats is Noah. The unfortunate animal was found alone on the river bank. The woman took him home and since then her life has changed dramatically. She introduced the rescued cat to her sister – Emma Patricia.

Emma had 3 other cats under her care, but she was looking forward to meeting the new member of her big family. “My little sister found Noah during a canoe expedition”, told the woman.
Emma knew Noah would need some time to get used to the new environment.

Fortunately, everything went smoother than they expected. As soon as Noah entered the house, one of Emma’s cats – Norman – offered his help to the newcomer.

“The like each other’s company. Actually, they are like brothers.”

It didn’t take the cats much time to become inseparable friends. Emma noticed their emotional bond on one of the stormy days.

Turned out that Noah was afraid of thunder. His best friend assured Noah he was not alone and there was nothing to be scared of.

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