“I lost my mind when I saw him in front of the shelter”: The owner returned to the shelter and took his dog back

The man kept his promise and reunited with his close friend

One day Lewis Jimenez saw a dog walking outside an animal shelter in Austin, Texas. He immediately fell in love with the dog and decided to adopt him, naming him Titus. In fact, the man had never wanted a pet before, but his life changed after meeting Titus.

“I lost my mind when I saw him in front of the shelter. I told myself ‘Man, this is your dog!’, said Lewis. He adopted the dog and now they are best friends.

Titus was 2 years old that time. Five years have passed after the adoption. Titus has become a family to Lewis, and the man cannot imagine his life without the dog.

However, and unfortunate incident ended up separating the friends. Lewis had to rent a flat, and the landlord forbade the presence of the pet. So, the man was force to return Titus to the shelter for some time.

Lewis had no one who could take care of the dog while he was working on his problems. He returned the dog but promised to come back and take him home. However, the shelter staff knew hundreds of people who “promised” but never kept their promise. They didn’t trust him.

“He was not the first man to promise such a thing”, said one of the shelter workers – Jenna. In such cases, dogs get depressed and even stop eating for a while.

Titus was obviously unhappy in the shelter. Sometimes Lewis visited the dog, but these meetings were difficult for both of them. He was in search of a new house, where he would be able to keep Titus.

The long-awaited day finally came! Lewis kept his promise and took Titus back. It was a very emotional scene to watch!

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