“The useless thief!”: Woman stole some eggs to feed her family and here is what the police did

Poverty leads people to do things that they would never do in normal situations

Sometimes, people get to the condition of extreme poverty, so the only thing they can do for their family is stealing. This woman had no other choice so she had to chose this option without hesitation.

She tried to leave the store taking 5 eggs with her without paying for them. However, she failed and was caught immediately. Police officer William Stacey was called to the scene, and when he learned about the story, he decided to act differently. Instead of arresting her, the policeman decided to help the woman and bought some food for her family.

It turned out that the “thief” was raising 2 daughters, her sister and 2 grandchildren. One of the children is only 1 years old, and the other one is 3.

Their monthly profit is only $120. A if this was not enough already, the fate decided to play another game on this family. Someone had robbed the woman a week before, and the family ended up on the verge of starvation. This is when the woman decided to go to the supermarket. She had only $1, but needed at least 5 eggs.

She was in great despair, when she learned that the eggs were a little more expensive than what she expected. However, she didn’t break down and put 5 eggs into her pockets and decided to leave the store without paying. Unfortunately, she got caught and the cashier took the eggs away.

“I must be a useless thief”, she mentioned.

Supermarket employees noticed the stolen eggs, when they saw the egg yolk and whites leaking out of the woman’s pockets. The poor woman immediately admitted her sin, saying that she did it for the sake of her family.

The staff called the police and very soon they arrived on the scene. However, officer William Stacey had other plans than detaining the woman. A decision was made not to sue Mrs. Johnson. Still the woman was thinking she was going to be arrested when the police arrived. She burst into tears.

Apparently, the officer just wanted to make sure that Mrs. Johnson was not lying, so he visited her to meet her family. Seeing the conditions the family was in, officer Stacey was convinced that the woman was not lying. The policeman bought a pack of eggs for them. And when the woman asked how she could thank the man, Stacey only asked her never to shoplift again.

The next day William returned. This time he brought some of his colleagues with him. They arrived in two cars bringing provisions for the whole family.

“It has been really long since I saw so much food the last time. I was 12 years old back then and lived with my grandmother”, told Mrs. Johnson.

After that, the police created a fundraising account for the woman and her family. Many people responded from different parts of the world. The woman soon received some money, clothes and food.

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