Lion father feeding and training his cubs

Real life Mufasa with 4 Simbas

Wildlife is full of wonderful things that will definitely cheer you up. We usually see dogs, cats or other domestic animals acting funny. But what about carnivores?

Everyone enjoyed the way this male lion was acting. The lion reminded everyone that being a parent is not an easy job. And he showed it in a very adorable and amusing way.

The fact he was trying to avoid his responsibilities, showed that it, in fact, might be the most difficult job. Everyday life is even more difficult with 4 babies.

Or you can just follow this dad’s interesting tactic dealing with his cubs.

The scene reminds us of the film “The Lion King”, where cheerful Simba can’t get enough of his father. And here are four Simbas instead of one, and only one Mufasa. Imagine how exhausted the lion is.

In addition, the movie starts showing Mufasa in charge of his cubs. He is observing his babies from a distance.

However, here there is no way the cubs will leave their father alone. They do their best to keep up with their father.

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