“Distressing call about a kitten”: Police Officer Adopts Kitten Thrown from Vehicle

The shelter staff posted about the heartwarming encounter

In July, Officer Thomas Rugg of Harrisonburg, Virginia, responded to a distressing call about a kitten being thrown from a vehicle onto the street. The concerned caller had rescued the cat and bathed it, but they couldn’t keep it or take it to the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA. Officer Rugg volunteered to take the kitten to the shelter.

When he found the kitten, whom he named Penny, she immediately clung to his shoulder and began purring. Despite his attempt to drop her off at the RHSPCA, Penny wouldn’t let go. Upon realizing that the shelter was almost at capacity, Rugg decided to foster the adorable kitten.

The shelter staff posted about the heartwarming encounter, stating how Penny had instantly captured Officer Rugg’s heart, and they formed an inseparable bond. Even though he had always considered himself a dog person, Rugg felt an undeniable connection with Penny and knew he had to give her a forever home.

Initially scared, Penny has since grown into an active and curious pet, bringing joy and relaxation into Rugg’s life. He had to make adjustments in his apartment to ensure her safety as she explores her surroundings.

While Officer Rugg appreciates Penny’s positive impact on his life, he humorously admitted to being cautious about responding to too many cat-related calls, fearing he might end up with a house full of cats.

Interestingly, Rugg is not the only police officer who adopted a rescued animal. In a heartwarming incident in December 2021, Tulsa, Oklahoma police officers discovered five abandoned puppies at a gas station and were so touched that they adopted four of them, adding to the growing list of compassionate officers providing forever homes to animals in need.

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