Cute kitten always needs someone’s attention

It took the kitten a few days to get used to his new family

This ginger kitten was taken to Indianapolis, Indiana, in search of a better life. Ever since he first appeared in the shelter, the kitten was scared and was hiding under blankets.

Jennifer, a member of an animal shelter rescue team, was happy to take care of the lovely kitten. She named her pet Butterball and built a cure cage for her new friend. There were cozy beds and lots of toys in the cage. Very soon Butterball got used to his new home.

Jennifer took great care of the kitten and after a while Butterball started completely trusting his foster parent. He finally released the cute beast inside of him and started playing all day long.

When he first arrived, the kitten seemed to avoid human interaction. Experts said, the reason of his such behavior was that his biological mother was a wild cat.

Now the energetic kitten always plays with his owner and asks for kisses and hugs.

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