The act of the guard who covered a dog with an umbrella touched everyone

He helped the dog as much as possible

How much do people need to regain faith in a better future? First of all, we need examples…examples of the right actions, even though on a small scale. Fresh news from Glasgow, where an employee of a security company saw a dog getting wet in the rain and made the only right decision.

Eric Dearman, a security guard, covered the golden retriever Freddie with an umbrella.

The picture was taken by Mel Gracie, who called on the Morrisons security company to reward her employee. The weather forecast was unfavorable. The rains were promised to be prolonged and it was impossible to leave the dog like this to get wet near the supermarket. On the other hand, it is impossible to go inside with a dog, and one of the tasks of the guard Dearman is to control it. Apparently, he felt guilty that because of his actions, the good dog had to stay outside. So he helped the dog as much as possible.

Our hero is Eric Dearman.

As Dearman himself laconically noted, when the bill of grateful comments exceeded a hundred thousand,”It looks like I’ve made a lot of people happy today”, including the owners of Freddie, who thanked him heartily.

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