Julie Bowen Shares How Sofia Vergara is Coping Well Amid Joe Manganiello Split

Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen are good friends. Julie Bowen recently talked to PEOPLE about how she supports Sofia as she goes through a new phase in her life after her breakup with Joe Manganiello.

Julie mentions that Sofia is doing well, and her Instagram posts show that. Sofia has a loving family and friends who care about her.

Julie jokes that Sofia doesn’t need Taylor Swift to take her to a game, but she’s happy for Taylor’s other friends who go to games with her. Julie wishes Taylor had been around for her too.

Julie and Sofia worked together on the TV show Modern Family for eleven years. Even though the show ended in 2020, Julie still thinks highly of their friendship and sees Sofia as a role model.

Julie had previously shown her support for Sofia after her breakup with Joe Manganiello on Instagram.

Julie thinks Sofia is strong and confident as a woman. She believes Sofia doesn’t have to choose between being feminine and powerful.

Sofia and Joe announced their separation after seven years of marriage. They asked for privacy as they go through this difficult time.

Two days later, Joe officially filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. An insider said that they had differences in their interests and styles, and their physical attraction wasn’t enough to sustain their marriage. There were other things that didn’t work in their relationship.

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