This giant ocean, discovered underground, is three times larger than all the oceans on earth

It’s so huge that it can three times fill all the oceans known on Earth

An enormous reservoir of water has been discovered at a depth of about 600 km under our planet’s mantle.

Graham Pearson, a researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada, said: “Water inside the Earth is one of the reasons why it is a dynamic planet.”

Scientists have finally discovered the Great Ocean beneath the Earth’s mantle after decades of theoretical discussions.

Water comes to the surface from deep within the planet through a complex water cycle. It therefore displaces the dominant theory that ice comets brought water to Earth a million years ago.

Today, it is believed that water on the Earth’s surface may have come from the planet’s bowels, controlling geological activity.

After several studies, it is claimed scientists have found a huge ocean between the upper and lower mantle layers, between 400 and 660 km beneath the Earth’s surface, in the transition zone.

As you know, the greatest part of the Earth’s surface is water. The depth of the oceans is only a thin layer compared to the mass of the Earth, but we have now learned that this precious liquid is not restricted to the surface.

The geological dynamics of the planet are fundamentally affected by water, which exists at depths of hundreds of kilometers underground.

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