Man lost one of his cats, then the second one brought a note

The story behind the note is heartbreaking!

Scott was the owner of 2 adorable cats that used to be close friends. They were fond of going for walks together. However, one day, unfortunately, one of the cats didn’t return from the usual walk. The owner, of course, started looking for his cat. Soon he found him lying on the road not far from his house. Turned out the cat had, unfortunately, passed away. Two weeks later, his second cat appeared in the house with a note.

Two days after the tragedy, the second cat left the house and returned very late. Scott found a note on his collar.

The story behind the note is heartbreaking!

It was from his neighbor. The man had written that he loved both of his cats very much. They used to visit the neighbor and had become good friends with him. The man had noticed that for a while only one of the cats was visiting him, so he was warried about the second one.

This is how the owner realized that, in fact, his cats used to visit his neighbor instead of running and playing around the streets. He decided to reply to the neighbor’s letter and tell him all about the tragic accident. They soon became friends, and started sending each other some pictures of the cats they had.

Their first meeting took place near the late cat’s grave. The tragic story brought two complete strangers together. In fact, they both needed it!

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