Seven-grader rushed into the burning house to save a paralyzed woman

In summer 2017, seven-grader Roman Kovalev committed a heroic deed. He wasn’t afraid to get into the burning house to save a lonely disabled woman.

This took place in Dyomino, the village where Roman’s family lived. He was not far from the house, when he noticed smoke coming from the neighboring house. The boy rushed closer to look inside, and saw an elderly woman lying on the floor.

Roma broke the window and was about to save the woman himself. But just at that moment, one of his friends came to help. They took the unconscious  woman out of the house together.

When the woman gained consciousness, she got worried about her documents, that were left inside. Then Roma volunteered to help take them out, and went back to the burning house. He had to touch whatever he needed to find, as the fire had spread all over the house.

Luckily, everything ended well. The boy was unharmed. In his interview, the boy said he had no time to be scared, as he had to act very quickly. This accident also gave him the idea to work at the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the future.

For his heroism, the seventh grader received an award “For Courage”. And the elderly woman moved to another city to her relatives.

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