Little girl convincing her huge dog to take a bath

The cute dog cherishes his little owner very much!

This sweet baby girl tried to convince her huge dog to take a bath.

Phil had no energy left after playing in the terrace for a while. He then went to his little owner’s room to take a short nap there. However, the mother of the family had no idea that the dog’s paws were covered in mud and his fur was wet and messy. She tried to take her to the bath, but her efforts were in vain.

As Phil paid no mind to his foster parents, they had no other choice but to turn to the help of their little daughter. Amelia is Phil’s best friend, so maybe she can persuade him?

Luckily, we have a video footage of the sweet moment. The parents directed their daughter to approach the dog and gently ask him to take a bath.

“Come on buddy…Come on!”, says Amelia with her charming voice. Then you can hear the father suggesting the child to kiss the dog.

No matter how much the girl kisses and hugs her buddy, Phil is consistent!

After some time of smooth-talking, the dog finally got up and headed towards the bathroom. You can watch the whole video below!

Besides Phil, there’s another pet in the family – a feline named Milo. The cat just couldn’t miss the show.

“It’s hard to believe, that Phil actually got up to go to the bathroom without anyone’s help after Amelia’s sweet words”, wrote Amelia’s mom. “Phil cherishes his little owner very much!”

YouTube users adore the charming videos of this cute duo.

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