Playful dachshund goes to the beach in Greece every summer

He’s a good boy and deserves all the fun in the world!

Spitas is a lovely Dachshund from Greece who likes spending his hot summer days on the beach.

Locals already know Spitas and love the dog a lot. They always make sure he has a good time. Spitas is also an amazing friend and an acute guard. The dog always barks when strangers get near his house, hunts birds and buries bones wherever he can.

The dog does his best to be a good boy for his owners. There’s a video that shows how the brave dog enjoys his summers in Greece. Every day he learns new tricks to show his owners and other people on the beach. That’s why everyone loves Spitas and his energetic nature. He always makes people happy and plays with everyone with enthusiasm.

Halkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. This is where Spitas gets everything he needs and deserves.

After spending all his energy on games and fun, he likes to lie down in the cool shade to rest a little. Then he rushes back to the beach. He’s a good boy and deserves all the fun in the world!

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