“Lucky kitten”: Stray cat ended up in a zoo and made friends with a lynx

The lynx shares all her food with her cute little friend

Practice shows, that friendship between wild and domestic animals is possible. Moreover, if they both belong to the same species, it is much easier for them to develop a strong bond of friendship

This stray cat was wandering the streets of St. Petersburg in search of food, when she ended up in a zoo. She was incredibly lucky, as she found not only food, but also a great friend.

The cat found large chunks of beef carcass in the cage of her new friend – a lynx. Everyone expected the lynx to tear her uninvited guest into pieces. After all, the cat was eating her portion of food.

However, the big feline didn’t touch her smaller relative. Either she felt kinship between them, or she realized that the poor cat was just hungry, because no one was feeding her. Now they are close friends, and the cat often visits her.

The lynx shares breakfast, lunch and dinner with the cat. Moreover, it is much warmer inside the cage than out on the streets, so the cat likes to cuddle her friend and warm up a little bit. As a sign of gratitude, the little cat licks the fur of the lynx.

The zoo staff surely noticed the cat. Knowing that the lynx shares her food with the cat, the zoo staff decided to increase the daily portion of the animal, so that she wouldn’t stay hungry at the end of the day.

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