Adorable kitten has won the love of millions of people

The kitten is radiating cuteness!

This adorable cat named Nuka seems to be very photogenic as he has no bad shots on his Instagram account. Many people think his owner edits the photos before posting them, because they all look too perfect.

However, none of these photos are edited. Since he was a kitten, Nuka has been posing like a model every time he sees a camera. His owner is fond of traveling around the country. He always takes Nuka with him and never misses the chance of taking new shots of the model cat.

In one of Nuka’s photos you can see him walking calmly as a volcano is about to erupt behind his back.

And here he is perched on a tree enjoying the springtime.

All of Nuka’s photos are really original and amazing. And his owner knows exactly what he is doing!

Nuka’s Instagram account has become really popular among animal lovers. Currently he has around 126 thousand followers on Instagram.

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