Princess Diana’s struggles during pregnancy

The records of everyone’s beloved Princess about her personal problems

The Royal couple were married for 15 years. The woman, however, was unhappy in her marriage. At that time, it was not allowed to talk about personal problems in the Royal Family. Diana had no other choice, but to share her problems with her psychologist. The latter suggested her writing down all her thought and worries on paper. The princess was sure, this method would help her feel relief.

Specialists managed to find these exact records of the late princess. It turned out, that the princess was planning a suicide before all the scandals and announcements. At that time, she was pregnant with William. The woman shared her thoughts about self-destruction and suicide.

Diana had no doubt, that her husband was having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bluz. The prince, on his turn, wanted Diana to be slimmer and prettier. All this resulted to the woman having serious health problems. When the Royal couple got officially divorced, Diana didn’t have long to live. She got into a tragic car accident.

Specialists are now studying her records. They make sure people learn more about the fate of the beloved princess.

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