“Cheerful grandfather”: 71-year-old Richard Gere posted a photo with his 99-year-old father

“It’s happiness to remain a child at 71…”

Oh, it’s so hard to believe that time is slipping away so quickly and some of our idols have already passed 70… When the movie “Pretty Woman” came out, all the girls were pining for handsome Richard Gere? He’s now seventy-one.

The actor’s father turned 99 this year. On his Instagram page, he posted a shared picture with his parent.

“He looks amazing”, “What a cheerful grandpa”, “How cool”, “What a happiness to remain a child at such an old age”, “Long years to dad”, “Beautiful”, “Has Gere aged or does it seem to me?”, – multiple fans wrote in the comments.

Let’s remember that in April, 2018, Richard Gere married Alejandra Silva. Wedding celebrations were in New York, but the ceremony took place in Spain. Previously, Silva was married and has a child. The Geres became parents on February 11, 2019. The couple had a son, named Alexander in honor of his mother.

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