This adorable pug became famous for his unusual blue eyes

He is just an adorable creature that shines with kindness and love!

The pug is a dog breed popular for its beauty and cuteness. Originally, this breed comes from China. They are really cute and look like toys. And our today’s hero stands out from all the pugs with her even more unique appearance. Meet our baby Cupcake!

3 years ago, a woman from London came across a very unusaul-looking 6-week-old dog of pinkish color. Them immediately liked each other. The dog loomed more like a cotton candy than an actual dog! The woman decided to keep the dog and take proper care of it.

The lovely pink cutie has his own Instagram account with over 110K followers. He regularly “posts” new adorable shots on his account to keep his followers updated on his life.

Although many of you might think so, Cupcake is not an albino! Albinos never have eyes of such a color. He is just an adorable natural creature that shines with kindness and love.

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