“Dog could barely stand on her paws”: Man did everything to save the life of this dog

Poor dog never gave up and now has a better life!

Mildred had to face a lot of difficulties in her life, enduring all the challenges alone. She was so exhausted and thin that all her bones were visible. The poor dog could barely stand on her paws. However, she never gave up! Mildred would never imagine that one day her life was going to improve dramatically.

The hero behind these improvements is the founder of the non-profit organization “The Asher House”, founded by Lee Asher. The organization provides help to stray dogs in need. Asher often posts videos and photos of the dogs he has rescued. One of the recent posts was about Mildred, showing her poor health condition.

The poor dog approached Asher slowly and shyly, as the man was waiting for her with his arms wide open. One would think it was the end for her, but the dog herself never gave up on hope of a better future.

Millie underwent a treatment and is now getting better every day. She can even play with the other dogs in the shelter.

Two months after her rescue, Lee posted another video of lovely Millie. Her ribs are still visible, but in general her condition has improved a lot.

Millie can now run and chase her friends, loves to swim and caress her foster father. As animal lovers, we are grateful to Asher for his kind heart and help. He’s a real hero!

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