Interesting: Goats can understand human emotions

They are extremely cute and adorable animals and can bring joy to anyone!

Smile brings joy and cheers you up. It radiated positive vibes and makes you feel good.

Researchers at Queen Mary College London found out that goats can understand what a smirking human face means.

Research shows that goats can correctly read a person’s facial expressions and understand the difference between a happy, sad and angry face. The research was held in a goat shelter. They showed the goats 2 pictures – one with a happy face, and the other one showing an angry face.

They gave the goats an opportunity to choose one of the pictures. Obviously, these adorable animals chose the picture with the smiling face.

This is how researchers learned that goats can actually sense human emotions and facial expressions. It turned out they prefer to interact with positive people. Another surprising fact: all of the goats in the shelter confidently chose the smiling picture, only when it was placed on the right side. When they changed the placement of the pictures and put the smiling one on the left side, the goats felt uncertain and couldn’t make a choice.

Goats are believed to purify positive emotions in their left hemisphere and unfavorable emotions in their right hemisphere.

In any case, the study showed that goats can read human facial expressions. They are smarter than most of us expect them to be.

They are extremely cute and adorable animals and can bring joy to anyone!

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