Cat Missing for a Decade Reunites with Owner in Familiar Spot

Missky, Yeva’s cat, got out of the car because she was bored and ended up getting lost. Missky was very important to Yeva, so she was really worried when the cat disappeared. This happened in 2009 when Yeva left the car to go shopping.

Missky left the car because she was feeling bored and stressed. Yeva waited for Missky to come back, but when she didn’t return, Yeva started looking for her.

It took Yeva ten long years to find Missky, who was 11 kilometers away from home.

Finally, a lady named Anne Hawks found Missky after all those years. Anne noticed a microchip in Missky, which had Yeva’s contact information. They called Yeva, and she was overjoyed to hear about her cat. Missky is now 16 years old and enjoying her golden years.

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