Man built a “town” for mice in his garden

Such a happy and cute mice family!

Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer from Sheffield, UK. One day he was taking photos of birds in his garden when he noticed a small cute mouse on the ground. He didn’t want to miss such a wonderful opportunity. In order to protect the mouse from the cats nearby, Simon decided to build a house for the mouse that he had named George. He built the house out of wood, some fruits and vegetables.

Very soon George noticed the house built special for him. He immediately moved in with his family. Simon named the other members of the mice family Mildred and Mini. Just look at these wonderful photos of the mice enjoying their happy life in their new house. You can see more about these mice on Simon’s Facebook page or visit his page RedBubble.

At first, the mice were shy and avoided Simon. Eventually, Simon started giving them peanuts and the small family got used to their new owner.

With the help of one of his relatives, Simon managed to create a real small village for the adorable mice. They even made small ladders for easy access.

Simon doesn’t want the mice to hunt for their food outside of the village. It is dangerous, so he constantly feeds them and also takes adorable photos.

Mini is the cutest one. Sometimes she peeks from her hole asking for more peanuts.

The story of this mice family spread on the Internet very quickly.

Many people praised the creative photographer for his gorgeous and very cute shots. They also liked the idea of the small village for the mice.

The town keeps growing and so does the mice family. Two more little mice have become members of this adorable family.

Mildred is waiting for a child now, and Simon is happy to know that the number of villagers will grow before Christmas.

This Christmas is going to be the happiest one in George’s life. And we will wait for more photos from George.

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