Rescue dog happy to see the ocean for the first time

His story with a happy end will warm your heart!

Dogs are creatures that bring joy to humans, and Herschel is one of them. He used to live in misery, but was rescued and now lives a happy life.

Herschel is a German Shepherd. His former owner ignored the dog’s need and kept him in chains without care and affection. Herschel tried to get free from the chains by chewing them, but it didn’t help.

Eventually, he ended up in an animal shelter. Later, two different families adopted Herschel and very soon brought him back. They said they couldn’t take care of the dog all their lives.

Fortunately, on day Found Animals rescue organization learned about the dog. Having heard Herschel’s unfortunate life story, the rescuers decided to never let the dog return to the shelter ever again.

They finally managed to find a man that was ready to love and take care of Herschel with pleasure. Before officially adopting the dog, they decided to spend a whole day together to get to know each other more closely. All in all, Herschel had a wonderful time with his new owner.

And the most exciting experience the dog had that day, was seeing the ocean for the first time. He could barely hold back his emotions and great joy and started playing in the water with his friend.

His story with a happy end will warm your heart!

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