Man travels the world carrying his best friend with him

It’s awesome to have such a travel friend, isn’t it?

This man loves traveling, but most of all he loves his dog and best friend – Billy. He never wants to part with his beloved Billy. One day, the man decided to buy a special backpack for his dog, so that they could travel together.

The friends are now traveling the world together and share their adorable photos on social media. To travel much more and visit more countries, the man quit his job of an accountant and a business consultant.

There was nothing special for the dog to do. He just needed to buy a helmet. Also, Billy needs to keep in touch with his fans.

Billy actually enjoys his popularity, as his fans always compliment on him and massage his ears. They call him the most handsome and adorable dog in the world.

His owner says, that he always prioritizes Billy’s health and happiness. Let’s wish this duo more enjoyable trips and fun together.

It’s awesome to have such a travel friend, isn’t it?

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