The career of the girl model ended scandalously

To her mother, she was just a gold mine…

Probably many people have heard and seen photos of the little model Eden Wood. Since childhood, this little girl has been used to posing and walking on the catwalk.

When she was only two years old, her mother decided to give her little child to the world of fashion and business. Eden’s mother Mickie loved to drag her daughter to all kinds of beauty contests. And the media called her the first beauty of the USA.

While the other girls were having fun and playing with dolls, Eden was in a tanning salon and was on strict diets. Professionals constantly made her different hairstyles and put on her special dresses. Thanks to tons of cosmetics, they managed to create a living doll out of the child. And photographers loved to capture her face.

She was taught to be beautiful and fashionable, but they forgot to teach her to read. But Eden’s mother didn’t care. The main thing is that the members of the jury like the baby’s gait in heels.

Relatives and friends of the family were against such procedures on the child. But Mickie didn’t want to give up, because her daughter was a gold mine. Eden was always smiling, not because she was happy, but because her mother forced her to drink energy drinks.

Soon the child began to have severe headaches and stomach problems. But Mickie didn’t care at all. Eden had to go ahead and win.

People became interested in the girl’s story and learned that the mother often punishes her daughter with a belt so that she becomes resistant.

At the age of 6, the baby already had more than 300 crowns. She managed to act in a movie, record a song. After all the victories, she decided to give up competitions and live a normal life. It was difficult for the mother to accept the girl’s decision.

Currently, the girl is thinking of starting to make money on her own clothing brand.

Eden Wood is 14 years old, but she looks older than her age.

What do you think? Do you approve of Mickie’s actions?

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