Dog babysitter always makes everyone laugh

Dogs can also be great babysitters

Have you ever had difficulties with finding a babysitter? Probably everyone has faced this problem at least once in their lives. Sometimes you just have no other choice but to stay at home, because you can’t find anyone to babysit. And what about a dog babysitter?

You would probably think that dogs cannot be proper babysitters, right? Well, they may not be certified babysitters, but there have been many such cases and they do a good job.

It’s not a secret that dogs are careful towards little children, especially those of their owners. They protect, as well as entertain the children.

Prince is one such dog! His owners have recently have a baby. His owners love Prince, because he can make everyone laugh at any moment. Prince is the guard of the family and also a comedian. He likes performing for his lovely owners.

In the video below, you can see Prince watching over the 5-month-old baby girl of his owners. He is really proud of the girl and loves her with all his heart. Then he starts entertaining everyone with his antics. He started playing with toys making everyone laugh.

The family assures that Prince has always been like this. Prince was 2-months-old when he appeared in this house. Since a very young age, Prince has always been a trustworthy dog for his family. His owners might leave for long hours and the dog will guard the house. And when they come back, they find Prince waiting for them at the door.

Over time, their relationships grew stronger and everything changed for the better when the baby was born. The dog felt that he was the best protector of the family and especially the baby girl. One time, Prince heard the girl crying and immediately run to help her. He came up to her and did his best to make the baby laugh. Luckily, the baby’s parents managed to record the whole “show”. The video very soon went viral.

Check it out!

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