Samson – the biggest cat in New York (28 pounds)

He is huge but very gentle

Maine Coon cats are famous for their huge size and thick fur, which helps them survive severe colds. They are reliable and energetic cats that like to always follow their owners. Cats of this breed are huge but very gentle and caring. They can feel a person’s feelings and emotions and are wonderful pets.

Maine Coon cats are curious creatures and can “purr to your heart”. It is very easy to get along with these cats. They are also athletic and strong due to their relatively huge size. These cats are intelligent and can easily learn new tricks. However, it is quite difficult to take proper care of them. They need constant grooming and their size makes them difficult to cuddle.

Now meet Samson – 28-pound Maine Coon from New York. He is bigger than ordinary domestic cats, as well as wild lynxes. Samson has won the title of the “Biggest Cat in New York”.

The previous Guinness World Record holder was also a cat named Samson. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2013, and our today’s hero became a good fit for the title. He is 4.04ft tall and, unlike other cats, is not overweight.

Every morning the cute giant waits for his owner to wake up. Then he enters the bedroom and on his chest. “Samson is kind, sweet and behaves himself”, says Jonathan Zurbel, the owner. It is hard not to fall in love with this adorable cat just by looking at his photos.

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