Bellucci charmed fans with her photo on the magazine cover

She never fails to fascinate her fans and not only…

At 57, Monica continues to surprise her fans, in a good sense of the word.

Not only does she look 20 years younger her age, she also successfully experiments with her looks.

On the cover of a glossy magazine, the star appeared in a feminine unbuttoned openwork black shirt with. It was the cleavage area that attracted the eyes of the public. The photo turned out to be very attractive.

The image was complemented by a neat pendant, arrows on the eyes, and carelessly styled hair. The lips are painted with a light pink gloss. Even at 57, the eyes of the celebrity shine with happiness.

By the way, Monica’s daughter recently posted photos on the Internet, which also delighted the audience. The images turned out to be very fascinating. The girl is a copy of her famous mom.

How do you like Bellucci’s appearance?

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