Woman rescued a dog left alone in a storm

Everyone should try to help animals in need

Christine Salinas was on her way home after grocery shopping, when she came across a trembling stray dog. The woman fed him with the tortillas that she had just bought.

Christine tried to lead the dog into the car with the tortillas, but the dog was still wary of the stranger. She kept trying for 30 minutes and refused to give up and leave the dog alone on the road. After a while, the Labrador dared to jump into the backseat of the car.

“I was trying to explain the dog what was going on”, said Christine. “Everyone should try to help animals in need”. It turned out, that this was not the first dog that Christine had rescued. She often helps stray animals.

Christine took the poor dog home and did everything for him to feel comfortable. In case she fails to find the dog’s owners, she will find him a caring family with the help of Animal Welfare Center.

“Help us find the owners of this dog! He is an adorable black Labrador with brown eyes!”, posted Christine on her Facebook account.

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