Puppy became a guide for this 12-year-old blind dog

Golden Retrievers are smart dogs and fast-learners

Probably everyone knows about the dogs that help people with eyesight problems. These caring dogs are also wonderful and loyal friends. They can feel when their owner is sad and console them. A small hug can fix everything.

Such guard dogs help not only people, but other dogs as well. They are usually of the same breed so that they can understand each other much better. This story is about a Golden Retriever named Okay. He has become a guide dog for 12-year-old Tao, who is a blind dog. Since their first meeting, the two dogs have become close friends and are always together.

Melanie Jackson is Tao’s owner. She told that Tao lost his eyesight in 2014. The dog was diagnosed with an eye disease which resulted in his current condition. His condition deteriorated in just one night. At night he started shaking his head in pain and after a few hours one of his eye was blinded.

Tao had glaucoma and ended up losing both eyes. Nevertheless, the strong guy recovered very soon and went on enjoying his life again.

Very soon, Tao got used to his condition and learned to navigate around the house on his own. Tao looked happy, but Melanie knew something was missing. The dog needed someone to always play with his and stay by his side. Melanie took everything into her own hands and found a lovely companion for her beloved dog. She found Okay, a cute and caring dog, that was only 8 weeks old.

Okay is a Golden Retriever. The 8-week-old dog manage to gain Tao’s trust very quickly and developed a strong bond with him. Okay has become a great guide dog for Tao. They go on walks and also sleep together.

Melanie also teaches Tao to obey Okay’s instructions. Now Okay is already 17 months old and had completely got used to his new role. She is a part of a dog breeding club. They are now using Tao’s DNA to easily spot other dogs with glaucoma.

Both dogs have wonderful characteristics.

Okay comes from Cornwell. ‘After the death of Tao’s brother 3 years ago, we intended to get another dog for him not to be alone. But then he lost his eyesight and we decided not to rush in this. We had to focus on Tao’s treatment and trainings, so we needed time”, said Melanie.

Golden Retrievers are quite smart and fast-learners. They easily get used to new surroundings and new conditions. These dogs get along well with children and are always ready to protect their favorite humans. If you need a companion that will always make you happy, you should adopt one of these golden puppies and take proper care of them.

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