Dolphin jumped on board the boat and kissed his dog friends

Hope these friends will meet again!

One day a sweet encounter marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Dogs, as well as dolphins, are famous for their sweet, playful and curious nature and their desire to make friends with everyone.

Two adorable puppies were on a cruise with their parents when they met their new friend. Suddenly, a curious dolphin jumped out of the water, greeted the puppies and started a sweet conversation with them. Then the dolphin made another jump and kissed one of the puppies on the nose. The dogs were so excited, they couldn’t stop wagging their tails.

This moment was so special that the shots were used in the awards of the classic IMAX film MacGillivray Freeman Films “Dolphins”. However, none of these animals realizes how unique and adorable their actions are.

Hope these friends will meet again!

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