Cute and funny bear was seen resting on a sofa

Animals also need some comfort and a proper life

Some people think bears are unpleasant and dangerous animals. Maybe the photo below will change their opinion.

Mandy Stantik noticed something strange and very funny in landfill in the Northern Manitoba. At first she thought it was just a homeless man lying on the sofa, but after taking a closer look she realized it was an actual bear.

Although bears are not rare in landfills, this one looks like he needs a good rest after a long working day. There was even a TV in front of him!

He behaves like a human being sitting with his legs crossed and one of the hands on the armrest.

Some delicious food and his rest would be complete!

The shots of the adorable bear went viral and people started expressing their amazement.

Animals also need some comfort and proper life. This bear knows how people behave, and now he needs his own TV and the remote!

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