Mare gave birth to twin foals despite her age

Both foals look like their mother with black and white spots

Usually, horses give birth to only one foal, but this horse surprisingly gave birth to twins. The case of twin foals being born is 1 in 10,000. And this is what makes this mare so special.

Tiki is already 16 years old. This is a rather old age for a horse, which makes pregnancy and labor even more difficult. Tiki’s owners, the Mason family, was worried about her health so they regularly did ultrasound to make sure the horse and her babies were fine.

The mother horse knew how to behave during pregnancy, and in 2011 she successfully gave birth to her twins. The foals were healthy. The first one weighed 86 pounds and the second one – 59. They were both able to stand up and walk 10 minutes after their birth.

Both foals look like their mother with black and white spots.

Everyone was worried that Tiki would not be able to handle two foals at a time and would reject one of them. But Tiki turned out to be a great mother and was ready to take care of both of them.

Just look at this wonderful family! Tiki is a beautiful old horse and an amazing mother.

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