Realistic reborn dolls are every girl’s dream!

There were no such things in our childhood…

Meet reborn dolls. They are also called baby dolls. These are not made to replace real children. Such dolls are for true connoisseurs, for girls who will consciously play with them, for those who realize how much time and effort is put into them. There is no machine involved in the making of any of these dolls.

The lucky ones who have such a toy at home say that these babies, even thought they are dolls, always create a positive mood, drive away anxiety and bring peace.

As already mentioned above, dolls are created manually by craftsmen. The puppeteers apply thin layers of paint to create natural-looking veins and vessels by layering on the thinnest paint.

A special thinnest needle is used to sew each hair of the baby dolls.

The special weighting inside makes the reborn dolls weigh as heavy as newborn babies. Annual exhibitions and meetings are held for collectors dedicated to their hobby.

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