Beautiful creature!: Foal with a unique spot on its mane

Hundreds of people want to see this foal with their own eyes!

Here is a foal that is unique in not one, but two ways! First of all, it belongs to a rare horse breed. But the first feature that catches everyone’s attention is the unique spot on the foal’s mane. It has the shape of a horse, so it looks like thee are two horses on one creature.

The foal is already 3 years old, but still attracts thousands of people. It was born with the spot which seems to be an optical illusion. The owners have named the adorable creature DaVinci, or short Vinny.

Wendy Bulmer is the head of the Fyling Hall School of horse sports in Robin Hood’s Bay, England. She talks about the unusual journey of Vinny’s mother. Apparently, the woman had bought the horse on sale, not knowing that she was pregnant. The foal was a pleasant surprise to everyone.

In addition to the “horse” on its back, Vinny also has a heart on its forehead. Children adore this foal not only because of its appearance, but also due to its friendly nature.

Many people started calling Vinny an angel and hundreds want to see the cute animal with their own eyes.

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